Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Bargains I Got!

Today I went to a car boot sale. For those who don't know what a car boot sale is, it is when people gather things together from around the house that they don't want anymore and put it in there car. Everyone that has done this will gather in a field or pitch were they put their things on display and other people come and buy their things. When I was there, I spotted a box of nail-polishes. I went over and had a rake through it. I found a butter London nailpolish and got very excited. As I was looking through the box, I found an OPI nailpolish and a NARS nailpolish and I just had to get them. I found the topshop nailpolish at a different stall for 50p. All of the other nail-polishes were a pound! I do love a bargain!

I hope you enjoyed my little story :)

Ellie :)


  1. Great bargain Ellie! That would have been £32 if you bought them full price and you got them for £3.50!