Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lush ❤

Last night my sister, my sisters friend Louise and I went to a Lush party. Lush were having a VIP party for their new make-up range Emotional Brilliance. We started off by making the blackberry bath bomb. Then they announced their new make-up range. My sister Olivia was the first to get a conciltation. One of the staff from lush stood at the make-up counter and spun the colour wheel while Olivia closed her eyes and when she opened them she had to pick the first three colours she saw and the staff member told her what they all meant. Louise and I went after. I then bought some products and got given a goodie bag! After I had a look through my goodie bag I got a hand massage which was really relaxing. I will end this by showing you what I got in my goodie bag x
I hope you enjoyed reading this x
What's your favourite lush product? X
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  1. nice post!! xx

    1. Thank you x can you see that I followed yet? x

  2. Ahora mismo lo leo ...
    Un besazo

  3. so many awesome goodies! i really wanna try the black stocking one!
    wish there was a lush where i live :s