Sunday, 1 July 2012

Review: Clean Start 3-step Mini Kit

I got given this kit by my sister Olivia when she got it in her glossy box. She gave it to me because she has quite good skin but as I am a young teen, my skin is prone to spots :(. When i first tried it out, it didn't really do anything but as I started to use it every day and night, it made a big difference.

First of all I wet my face with warm water. I then take a pea-sized amount of the foaming wash and rub it between my fingers. In gentle, circular motions, I massage it all over my face for about a minute until it turns all foamy. I rinse it thoroughly with warm water. After patting my face dry with a towel, I spray the purifying toner all over my face letting it sink into my skin. Once it has all sunk in, I apply a light layer of the moisturizer. I repeat this every time i wake up and before i go to sleep.

I was thoroughly impressed with the result of the clean start brand. It retails at £12 but some places have deals. I think that if you have the chance to buy it then I think you should snap it up before it is gone. This set is a perfect size for travel and you get what you pay for. 

I hope this helps :)

Ellie <3


  1. Love the post Ellie! Will be picking up this soon, very professional;) hope to see plenty more posts soon! Love Emily xx