Sunday, 8 July 2012

What Do You Like?

This post is going to be about me asking you questions that you can ask me too.

1.Why did you start blogging?

2.When did you start blogging?

3.What is your favourite thing to blog about?

4.What is your favourite beauty product?

5.What is your favourite brand of nailpolish?

6.How many followers do you have?

7.How many page views do you have?

8.List three things that you hate,

9.List three things that you love,

10.What is your favourite thing to eat?

11.Who is your favourite blogger?

12.What's your favourite colour?

Have fun <3 Comment away!!

Ellie :)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Because I love reading beauty blogs so me and my friend decided we would love to write blogs so we did:)

    2. Just over a week ago...

    3. Anything Beauty related really

    4. mascaras and concealers and my favourite concealers are boing and collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer

    5. O.P.I and Barry m

    6. only 5... better than nothing though!

    7. currently 121

    8. like anything i hate if so ... cocky people, mushrooms and horror movies

    9. my friends;) shopping and hot weather!

    10. hmmm dominos or pizza hut pizza or steak yumm

    11. zoella!

    12. It changes all the time but I really like all pastels