Monday, 8 October 2012

Where's Wally?❤

Hello everyone!!

Just a small post today I am afraid. I just wanted to show you my latest creation. My Where's Wally nails!!

I found this badge in one of the boxes in my room and it inspired me to do my nails. I have a bare nails for a while and they needed a paint so I just couldn't resist. Have a nice day! ❤

Ellie ❤

What should I do next?❤

A Little Haul ❤

A few weeks ago I went to a Benefit party. I had seen a lot of reviews on the "How to Look The Best at Everything" makeup set. So I decided why not and I got it :). On that same night I won the full sized "looking to rock Rita" perfume. I am not a fan of the smell. It is quite musky but I love the box and the bottle. I also went to a Body Shop party and I got two things in the tea tree range. I got the toner and the night spot cream. Finally I took a trip to Lush and bought the "Bubblebeard bubble wand" from the new Christmas range and "Seanik" shampoo bar which is like a solid version of "Big".

Sorry this was very short but I am off to the shops soon so be looking forward to some more posts. Feel free to comment and subscribe if you like ❤

See you next time....

Ellie ❤

Friday, 5 October 2012

My Wreck This Journal!!


Today I am going to be chatting to you guys about my Wreck This Journal! If you don't know what one is, it is a journal that you buy and on every page it gives you a different instruction for wrecking the journal. I know it sounds horrible but it is "such fun".
I got my one while I was in America on holiday in May. I got mine for about $13 which I thought was very reasonable because I still have tons to do. Do you have a wreck this journal? Below I will leave a few pictures of my journal and the things I do to it. The first picture is a picture of me taking the journal for a walk and dragging it which is another instruction, the second one is a page which tells you to poke holes in it so i drew balloons to make it look like you are popping them, the third one is melted crayons, the fourth one is a page filled with circles, the fifth picture is the cover after I had only added a few little scratch and sniff stickers but the sixth picture is what it looks like know after I covered it with magazine clippings ( one of the instructions is "doodle over the cover" and I did :)) and lastly the seventh picture is a collection of fruit stickers. Maybe you will get inspired to buy one or maybe it will give you some ideas for your own. Feel free to comment below and subscribe! It makes me feel happy!❤
What's your favourite page?❤